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Custom Tag Field

Added by Kriti Godey over 13 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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I would like to make adding Tags to objects easier, and have a custom form field that I can use, that autocompletes tags that exist already, and adds new ones if you add them from that field.

For instance, if I'm tagging a post "oberlin", "blogs" and "apple pie", and "oberlin" and "blogs" exist already, I'd like them to be autocompleted, and when I enter "apple pie", I want a new tag created with that name.



Updated by Stephen Burrows over 13 years ago

"Tags that exist already" - any tags, or just tags already used by posts in the blog?


Updated by Kriti Godey over 13 years ago

I was thinking any tags.


Updated by Joseph Spiros over 13 years ago

Definitely any tags. The built-in Tag model is a simple design and assumes that everyone has access to a shared set of tags. This is precisely why there is an entry_tags property on Blog objects, so that for display purposes you can show only those tags you've used so far. But, for backend/editing purposes, it makes no sense to limit the tags you can select to tags you've already selected. Also, that would create a paradox in which you couldn't tag the first blog entry in a blog, as there would be no entry_tags.


Updated by Stephen Burrows over 13 years ago

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I believe this is resolved with commit d8ba4e197c35a8e30f10112fcf53740e0711dc98, unless an actual field is desired. However, any manytomany field should be able to use the widget just as easily.


Updated by Joseph Spiros over 13 years ago

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This seems resolved to me.

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