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10:04 am Philo Revision 662258ae: Model changes.


10:55 pm Philo Revision 4294efca: Changed Location & Calendar to check for constants in the settings file for wh...
10:09 pm Philo Revision 184000ec: Initial model classes written. Still a few additions needed.
08:57 pm Philo Revision f40473d1: Initialised empty app julian.


08:58 pm Philo Wiki edit: Julian (#3)
08:55 pm Philo Wiki edit: Julian (#2)
08:54 pm Philo Wiki edit: Julian (#1)


03:36 pm Philo Feature #9: Custom Tag Field
I was thinking any tags.


06:04 am Philo Feature #9 (Resolved): Custom Tag Field
I would like to make adding Tags to objects easier, and have a custom form field that I can use, that autocompletes t...
06:01 am Philo Bug #8 (Resolved): Adding a Page reloads the add form.
When I add a Page, and click either "Save" or "Save and add another", it says "Your page has been added, you may cont...

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