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  • ITKit (Release Manager, Contributor, 07/23/2009)
  • MenuTunes (Release Manager, Contributor, 07/23/2009)
  • ITTSW.growlView (Release Manager, Contributor, 07/23/2009)
  • MenuPrefs (Release Manager, Contributor, 07/23/2009)
  • Philo (Release Manager, Contributor, 07/23/2009)



07:38 PM MenuPrefs Bug #180 (New): Release MenuPrefs source code
I need to get around to releasing MenuPrefs' source code, as I have done with everything else. Joseph Spiros


02:14 PM Philo Revision 484c4269: Merge branch 'hotfix/embed_widget' of git:// into develop
* 'hotfix/embed_widget' of git://
Fixed a bug which was causing the embed widget to be un...
Joseph Spiros
02:14 PM Philo Revision e81bcde0: Merge branch 'patch-1' of git:// into develop
* 'patch-1' of git://
File should be a value model, right?
Joseph Spiros
01:52 PM Philo Revision 1fb47744: Added a proper related_name argument to the GenericRelation from Entity to Attribute. This fixes #179.
Joseph Spiros
01:35 PM Philo Bug #179 (Resolved): Unable to create multiple Entity subclasses with the same name
Applied in changeset commit:1fb4774474207933a6cce19e65a2fa011593b3eb. Joseph Spiros
01:26 PM Philo Bug #179 (Resolved): Unable to create multiple Entity subclasses with the same name
An error occurs with the @attribute_set@ GenericRelation on Entity when two subclasses of Entity are created (in diff... Joseph Spiros


11:25 PM Philo Bug #161 (Resolved): Website installation instructions could reference PyPI
This was resolved with commit commit:f326af44192a07bdf37c112e73def7f4112dbba2. Joseph Spiros


07:04 AM Philo Revision 5c919ea0: Merge branch 'develop' into gilbert-ext4
* develop:
Fixed a few bugs with the documentation, and links to the documentation from the README. Sphinx can now ...
Joseph Spiros


08:30 PM Philo Revision b3dc95b9: Replaced the original "Get Involved" copy with a link to the "Contributing" page in the documentation.
Joseph Spiros
08:21 PM Philo Revision f326af44: Added a link to the Bitbucket mirror, and updated the installation instructions to reflect the ability to install from PyPI using pip.
Joseph Spiros

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