Bug #160

Shipherd shouldn't require 'request' in the context for {% recursenavigation %}

Added by Stephen Burrows over 12 years ago.

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Right now, if 'request' isn't in the context (i.e. if the request context processor isn't installed) shipherd's {% recursenavigation } templatetag will just not work - it'll always render as an empty string. The reasoning behind this was that there's no way to tell if a navigation item is active if the request is not provided. Really, though, { recursenavigation %} could still work without a request, just always returning False for "active". This behavior would make more sense, I think.

Associated revisions

Revision 1cd3ce0a (diff)
Added by Stephen Burrows over 12 years ago

Added information about request context processor to shipherd docs. See issue #160.

Revision 2a3bb0d2
Added by Joseph Spiros over 12 years ago

Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into develop

  • 'develop' of git://
    Added winer doc file. Improved the docstrings for FeedView from the penfield version.
    Renamed syndication to winer.
    Added information about request context processor to shipherd docs. See issue #160.
    Minor correction to shipherd howto.
    Moved a migration after the master migrations.
    Tweaked FeedView to more correctly generate links vs feed urls.
    Improved penfield docstrings. Added urlpatterns and support for all registered feed types. Resolves issue #141.
    Initial implementation of a separate syndication contrib app based on penfield's FeedView, updated to use a registry instead of a dict.
    Moved sobol's search registry into core as a generic registry utility. Added support for RegistryIterators directly to SlugMultipleChoiceField since it is a common use case.
    Made views optional on nodes; nodes without views will raise a 404 when rendering and will return False for accepting and handling subpaths. Implements feature #131.

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