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02:41 pm Philo Bug #181 (New): Error in entity forms with Django 1.5
Looks like as of 1.5 "this line":https://github.com/ithinksw/philo/blob/master/philo/forms/entities.py#L54 raises thi...


05:46 pm Philo Revision 71d4f577: Fixed a bug which was causing the embed widget to be unusable in Grappelli 2.3.8.


03:58 pm Philo Revision c5586d63: File should be a value model, right?


06:20 pm Philo Revision 38b3b029: This will include non *.py files in our distribution for setup.py, easy_instal...


04:14 pm Philo Bug #177: pip installation does not work
Further details on the two servers I tested:
Ubuntu 11.04
Python 2.7.1+
pip 0.7.2
Debian 5.0.7
03:55 pm Philo Bug #177: pip installation does not work
Reportedly it does work on some servers. Not sure what's wrong with mine...
03:39 pm Philo Bug #161: Website installation instructions could reference PyPI
pip installation doesn't work as per Issue #177. I can update the website when it does.
03:37 pm Philo Bug #177 (Resolved): pip installation does not work
When I try @pip install philo@ I get:...


05:21 pm Philo Feature #149 (In Progress): Embed templatetag javascript
Look into overloading the dismiss related popup function according to this method (http://groups.google.com/group/dja...


06:27 pm Philo Feature #149: Embed templatetag javascript
Having some trouble with this one. My current idea was to open a new window—like the related object selector window—t...

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