If you would like to contribute to Philo, thank you! However, there are some things you must know first.

Branches and Code Style

We use A successful Git branching model with the blessed repository. To make things easier, you probably should too. This means that you should work on and against the develop branch in most cases, and leave it to the release manager to create the commits on the master branch if and when necessary. Regardless of what you do, the release manager will usually merge your changes into the develop branch unless you explicitly note they should be treated otherwise.

Licensing and Legal

In order for the release manager to merge your changes into the blessed repository, you will need to submit a signed CLA. Our CLAs are based on the Apache Software Foundation's CLAs, which is the same source as the Django Project's CLAs. You might, therefore, find the Django Project's CLA FAQ. helpful.

If you are an individual not doing work for an employer, then you can simply submit the Individual CLA (ithinksw-icla.txt).

If you are doing work for an employer, they will need to submit the Corporate CLA (ithinksw-ccla.txt) and you will need to submit the Individual CLA (ithinksw-icla.txt) as well.

Both documents include information on how to submit them.

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